Hand Made Jewelry From KIZUNA

KIZUNA offer fully hand made jewelry collections. All jewelries are made by SHOKUNIN which measn experienced thequnichian in Japanese. It takes, thefore, longer time to make each piece, but you can feel the differnce once you put it on. It has a soul in the jewelry.



Takuto Mochizuki leads team Fuji High. Takuto Mochizuki has worked with Canadian denim brand 1921jeans. He was developing high end hand made denim customizing line. Every pairs were sent to Japan to have special finish. Now he starts his own line called 'KIZUNA'.


Dear Distributors

We 'KIZUNA' are looking for international distributors. Those who can share the same vision with us, we will be very pleased to make any further contact with you.

Tel +81 90 1232-3203

Fax +81 545-52-6619



Dear Brand Owners

Need any idea to reduce the wastage or to turn the left over into a gold? We are happy to share our ideas with your brand. We can defiantly help you guys.

Tel +81 90 -3968-9840




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